A polecam is the world’s lightest – and therefore most highly mobile – state-of-the-art lightweight crane.

A polecam is the right choice for shots where other cameras and camera rigs would get in the way or be unable to get exactly the right angle.

The high-tech, lightweight polecam has a reach of 1.5 to 6 metres. Thanks to this and the 2-axis remote head, there is barely any angle it cannot capture. Precision electronics allow the motorised swivel head that houses the miniature camera to perform smooth pan and tilt movements, delivering soft, unusual tracking shots that create a completely new visual style. And its compact dimensions also make dynamic tracking shots possible. Naturally in full HD and UHD 4k.

Thanks to its low overall weight and size when packed, our experienced polecam operators can handle the polecam freely, no matter what kind of location they are filming in, and even without the aid of a tripod or additional crew.


swiss-polecam is your first point of contact for moving images and spectacular tracking shots that were previously not possible for budgetary reasons or reasons of space. After all, mounting a camera rig on a train, a car or a boat was once the preserve of expensive and exclusive productions. Our polecam changes all that!

Its light weight allows for fast transitions and its compact design enables unusual camera positions, therefore letting you create extreme and unusual images. The polecam can be used in a wide variety of areas: whether documentary or drama, sports, live reporting, live surgery broadcasts, shows, panel discussions, award ceremonies or gala events – swiss-polecam is a reliable partner for all your productions and will open up new perspectives.

Thanks to its many years of experience in the film and event industry and use of state-of-the-art equipment, swiss-polecam promises to deliver the highest quality across its entire range of services. Our company ist based in Steinhausen / Zug.

Polecam @ Jungfraujoch
Polecam @ VZUG Vacuisine Day
Polecam @ Streetparade
Polecam @ Concert
Polecam @ Soccer game
Polecam @ VZUG Vacuisine Day
Polecam @ Streetparade
Polecam @ VZUG Vacuisine Day


Polecam is the ideal camera rig for producers of

  • Live broadcasts of sporting events and other live productions

  • Documentaries

  • Panel discussions / talk shows

  • Gala events

swiss-polecam.ch is your first choice whenever space is limited and large, bulky camera rigs would just get in the way.




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